WTT Race Tech Delta Valves for stock

I bought a 1998 WR400 used and it already had Race Tech Delta Valves in the forks. My suspension tuner can't make them work for what he wants to do so I'm looking to trade them for a stock set of base valves.

Anyone who wants to upgrade their stock forks can do it for free just by swapping me for your stock one's.

I have some stock base valves I'll trade ya.

Just so you know. Alot of tuner shops have the stock base valves laying around from previous jobs and will give them to you for free.

email me if you want. armourbl@yahoo.com

I just realized, you aren't asking for just the valve pistons, you are asking for the complete base valve assembly.

Although the offer is tempting, I'd have to really think about it and get some advice first. I've worked pretty hard to shim my own valve stacks to get to the setup I'm currently running. I've done all the work myself and I'm not sure I want to start over if you know what I mean.

Anyone have some advice on the Delt Valves?


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