Telling bajadesigns kits apart

Hi everyone...I have an 02 wr426. A friend has a baja designs dual sport kit he picked up a couple years ago for his and he didn't use it. (not sure why)

The problem is that he doesn't remember for what model of wr it is....I see on bajadesign's site that they have an 03-07 model. (I assume for the 450 e-start) Would there be a way to tell if this kit was for the 00-02 426 models? He has no instructions.

Thanks in advance.

Call BD and make some inquiries (have the kiy in front of you when you call). There are only a few different kits and all the parts interchageable. Not a big deal to use a kit designed for one bike on another with at worst, a single part change out. Also, they will be able to provide bike specific instructions. They are good guys, give them a ring.

My guess is the kit for a WR426 will have a ni-cad battery pack and the WR450 won't since the bike has a battery.

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