SOS: Radiator

I just trashed my right side radiator. Does anyone have one or know of a good place to get one. Also, I remember someone posting that a guy in Utah has repaired badly damaged ratiators but can't find the post, does anyone have his phone number? Thanks in advance for your help.

I always send mine to Mylers in Utah. They do a great job, they always come back looking great. Not bad on the price or turn around time either. Heres the link Mylers Radiators

jmiakaike, Thanks for the ebay tip, but isn't a YZ radiator smaller than a WR?

endurodog, can Mylers repair a radiator that the tank is bent and the core is torn apart on? To give you an idea of how badly damaged it is, the whole right side drained in about 5 seconds. :)

Hey Wicked, just take it over to Denny at Brighton Radiators. He does excellent work, is a custom exhauset and radiator guy, has raced bikes for many years, and is cheap! He fixed my totally smashed and leaking rad for upfront cost of $25, but I paid him $40 just for saving me so much cash.

Just look him up in the yellow pages, you'll have to drive out to Brighton, but is still cheaper than buying new, and can usually turn a rad around in a couple of days.


Dodger :D:)

Without seeing it it is hard to say if they can. If ya give them a call they can probably tell ya. They have always gotten my mess ups straight

A few months ago I sent my left Rad to Mylers for repair. Mine was crushed, twisted, ripped, and leaking. I got it back in a few days and it looked like new. I would highly recomend their work!

Thanks for all the tips. I'll be calling around today. I sure hope someone can fix it. It would be nice to save the $250 for something else other than a new radiator.

I found a local guy who said he will do it for $50. I'll have it back in 3 weeks though, but that gives me plenty of time to get other parts gathered up, replace my fork seals and put a set of seal savers on. I really thought the radiator was a total loss. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

Hey Wicked, did you go with Denny Burke?? Price sounds right........


***Don't have my password, so had to create a new username at home, as you can tell, I put a lot of thought into it :D***

Dodger :):D


I ended up going with Manly Radiator in Colorado Springs since my bike is closer to the springs. As soon as things start to warm up a bit we ought to get a group of CO riders together.

>As soon as things start to warm up a bit we ought to get a group of CO riders together.

Count me in.. anything over 35 is warm. :) (I'm in COS)

Manly Radiators... I always thought that was the coolest name around for a radiator shop.


Amen brother, ready to ride whenever you guys are..........probably hitting up the track this weekend since we haven't gotten any new snow up in the hills........


Dodger :):D

Gonna pass on the track this weekend... Goin Copper way on Saturday.

Bike needs new fork seals anyway... you doin the HS next weekend Dodger?


If'n my shoulder will handle it. Guess that's why I'm heading out there tomorrow, I need to see if the wing feels ok to fly, and more importantly, land :D.


Dodger :):D

i got a pair i'll sell you for $300.00 shipped to your door. you can have the left for a spare. i will not break up the set.i also have a brand new stock wr 400 silencer . never used.i also have a brand new yz 426 swing arm with bushings for sale for 275.00 shipped.

letr me know


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