To lower or not to lower, that is the question

Sold my 07 yzf 450 to a buddy, pretty much a beginner but he's doing alright. Comming off an xr200 so big step up. Spends a lot of time on the ground when we go up in the hills. He has trouble with climbing and picking lines through rocks and roots and going over logs and just falling over when he stops because he's short (5-7 probably). He wants to lower the bike with a different link (yamalink probably), lower seat, and slide the forks up in the triple clamps a bit. The question is should I be encouraging this or discouraging it. I'm pretty short as well (5-8) and I think it's made me a better rider balance wise becasue walking my way up a gnarly section has never been an option. I tell him about keeping his feet on his pegs, squeezing his bike, all that good stuff. I just worry that if he lowers it where he can touch he'll be sticking his leg down at any sign of trouble and either won't learn as quick or will get bad technique that will be hard to fix later. Any isights appreciated.

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