new style headlight????

Hi guys, does anyone here know where i can get a new style headlight for the wr? i've done the search and have been trying ebay for a few weeks but can only find the old style headlights. Does anyone here have one for sale or know where i could find one? And by the way i live in the uk.

Any help would be appriciated, kind regards :busted::thumbsup:

I posted a brand new 08 one from a wr 450...

Does anyone out there have one for sale????

Wilma, I am thinking about swapping mine ('08) out for a Baja Designs unit to convert to HID, but I think the cost plus shipping would probably not be worth it to you. As noted by CORider, it might be cheapest to get it from Yamaha on your end.

Hi there are normally always some coming through on ebay in Australia, have pasted a link to some for sale but you might have to see wether they will post it to you and will it be worth it. Just bought one for mine as I smashed it through a barb wire fence the other day.

If not patience will pay if you wait till some come come through on INT Ebay.

Thanks for the replies guys, im going to have send some emails to find out postage will cost from Australia?????

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