Anyone have there coil off there 426 or have a really good memory from when they did!

my 426 started making alot of noise, and metal savings appeared so i tore it down and found a 8mm cap head bolt(.5 inch long maybe) sitting between the crank main bearing and the cam chain on the bottom end, im assuming it came out of one of the holes i circled on the picks, can anyone verify this? and the other hole never had one, does it need it? i cant find anything detailed enough in the diagrams. thanks alot!

well i dont have anywhere to host the pick so not sure how else i can load it, but theres 2 holes on the left hand case behind the stator plate, both threaded all the way threw, both next to the main bearing.

Google Photobucket. It's free.

By the sounds of it, your bolt is number 10 on this pic....


Check the bearing retainer plates inside the crankcases. The circled holes are for tool installation only, as was said, and are normally empty.

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