quick fork thread reference GRAY?

ive been searching and cant seem to find a thread that is not that old pertaining to the fork modification and different oil selection that a suspension tuner was doing to these.

Im pretty sure Gray had posted it but i just cant seem to find it, and i would relaly like to re-read it



The modification involves venting the air chamber above the free piston to the air volume in the outer fork tubes by drilling the free piston in a particular location. Here's the mod and a thread discussing it:



Here is a link to one discussion on the new oil:


And my review of it for the fork and shock:



Search the suspension forum on the phrase "215.VM2.K5" (put it in quotes, search whole threads, and use no exact name) There's lots of discussion on the matter.

thanks GRAY! i couldnt remember what the threads were titled i appreciate your work!

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