Wr/yz/ttr ???

Hey Guys,

does anyone know what they stand for ??

YZ = ???

WR = ???

TTR = ???

i heard once that ttr means ,time trials racer, but m not sure, if so id guess wr means ,woods racer, no idea on the yz

I thought WR meant Wide Ratio for the wide ratio trans.

WR= Wide Ratio

YZ = Yamaha Racing - don't ask why the Z means racing, they started to put the Z on their race bikes back in the 70's

TT-R= started life as IT (2 stroke International Trials - 60's) but the 4 stroke equivalents were called TT bikes (60's and 70's). In the 70's they became TT-R - R stands for Racing because many parts were shared with the YZ (Z=Race) line of bikes.

i thought WR = woods rocket

They named the wr after me. It stands for white retard.

I was told by my buddies that the WR stands for WALMART RACER.

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