YZ400F Flywheel Weight Installation Question

I've got a YZ400F, and I have a flywheel weight that I want to install. I removed the stator cover, and the detents in the weight align with those of the flywheel. Two of the four holes in the weight align with the two in the flywheel, but i don't know how to attach it. The holes in the flywheel aren't threaded, even if they were the supplied bolts aren't long enough.

Pics of the weight for reference.



not sure what brand that is. did it have any markings at all? the steahly looks kinda like that,http://www.steahlyoffroad.com/weightsdet.php?s_partnum=820_, but a little different. The one that was on my yz400f was completely different. It had "zip-ty" stamped in to it, but it mounted on the back side of the flywheel, so you did not have to have a spacer for the cover. i can't pull up a pix of it anymore, it was an ebay auction and too old. Both of those type say they are a drill and tap install.

Drill and tap the flywheel?

that's the way i understand it. I bought mine assembled, but that was what it lookd like. it never gave me any problems. the steahly website lists complete flywheels, but they are a little higher.

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