CRF450X NEW...Spy Photo....... WOW!!!!!

Well, here it is guys... The highly anticipated off-road version of the Honda CRF450. Check out the wild tire combo. Rumor has it that this bike will sport a new 6 speed tranny to satisfy the off-road world.....

This picture was taken at a secret track that Honda uses called "Gorman". You gotta love the power of the internet....

Click on the link below and get ready to get blown away...

cheers, Dan

TOO kewl to describe. :)

Hey be Careful I know this was a joke but if this photo gets into the hands of their RND team it could give them the advantage they are looking for. That machine looks unstopable, to bad I already have a WR450 on order, yup too bad. :)

Wow, that bike looks mean, its hudge, makes that test rider look like a little kid! I like the Cushy looking solo gunfighter seat and the trick camelback hydration system holder on the back of the seat!

Gees, honda have gone all out this time, it's so much better than the previous crf's. :)

Guess I'll go get my deposit back and put it on the new Honda!

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