2004 yz450f conversion help

I'm sure there have been posts in the past and have spent the last twenty minutes searching but to no such luck. I'm looking at making my 2004 yz450f on the street. But what i'm looking for is the best bang for my buck on complete headlight kits, stator (is it possible to change on my own) and computer to keep track of speed/ hours used etc. If anyone can give me anymore insight. I have seen Baja Designs kit and the Dakar but am not sure if these are the best route to go and if i'd be able to do this conversion myself? Do i need more than just the kit and a new stator?

Just curious, did you look at the second thread from the top of the index page, the one labeled "Common Threads: Look here 1st! Mods, Maintenance, Common Issues and FAQ's "?

Scroll down to electrical. The info applies to an '04, as well, with the exception of the specific part for the stator. Trail Tech has one for your bike, and e-line I believe still makes a high output external mount model.

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