2007 wr450 jetting question.

well i've jumped from the drz forum to the WR forum and all i can say is why did i wait so long! But now heres the question for you guys i bought a 2007 wr450 and i also bought fmf pipe with power bomb header, if i install this with a jd jet kit will that eliminate that off idle bog or is there more? Also does the AIS kit make that much of a difference? most of my riding is done from 0 to 5000 ft. any imput would be awesome thanks guys.

Good to see another BC WR :thumbsup:

Dump the AIS. Not an issue here in BC anyways. Will never be able to get rid of the decel pop or jet it right otherwise. I personally feel it gives a bit of a preformance gain by cleaning the jetting up.

Install the jet kit ( have fun, the carbs a bitch ) and pipe and see how she goes. It should be close to right.

If you still have a bog when you wick the throttle you might want to look into the AP mod.

I have an 07 WR with a 08 YZ pipe, ride about the same altitude as you. The jetting that works for me is a 48 pilot, GYTR needle 4th clip and a 170 main.

Two things.

Do the ORing mod

Get a smaller leak jet (55 or smaller - some go to a #40, depending on the type of riding you do mostly) or an adjustable one.

Jet kit will improve general running but has little effect on the bog. I know the James Dean kit comes with a smaller one (#70, I think), but it is not small enough for most

the JD kit does come with two orings. a thick one and a thin one. I used the thin one.

:thumbsup: get a fuel screw. install the jd kit, use the recomended setting. tweek the fuel screw until you get crisp throtle. bike will run good.

cool i will try those ideas. i should have the jet kit tomorrow so i will install asap. where abouts in bc are you if your in the south west maybe you can come show me how to ride this beast properly.

Yeah I'm in the SW. Pemberton just N of Whistler. And you ?

Messing around with leak jets on an aluminum WR450 sucks. I'd get a Merge adjustable leak jet.

The stock accelerator pump is lean and you have to use a richer pilot jet to cover for it so the bike isn't really crisp.

I use a 42 p-jet on my 08.

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