is my slideplate damaged? Is this scuffing normal wear or is something wrong? Also with this current jetting how many turns out should the pilot air screw be?

drz400s aftermarket old style fcr yoshi full stainless steel exhaust 500 ft elev.

emm needle clip 3

#160 mainjet

#38 pilotjet

200 main air jet

60 starterjet

fuel screw 2 turns

pilot air screw 1 turn out?

ran fine with stock exhaust but with yoshi it started bogging wot runs great from closed to 3/4 throttle ran it with the airbox lid off seamed a little better then taped off 1/3 of the 3x3 hole put cover back on airbox seemed slightly worse do I need a smaller mainjet.

pilot air screw should be 1/2 to 5/8 turn.

sounds like you need a smaller main jet.

the slide is normal.

thank you I will try a 155

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