Red Sticker for 2002 YZ426? Went from green to red?


I have had my 2002 YZ426 for a while now. It has always been a green sticker bike. I just paid my latest ripoff doubled OHV registration and i got a red sticker in the mail!!!!

So i guess my question is, is this for real or did something get messed up somewhere?

There isn't really any info on the registration that says what type of bike i have except Type>MX.

It does however say first year bought, 2007. This has got to be a mess up somewhere.

Can i just call my local DMV office and get this squared away?

What to do?

Any help is great appreciated.


That was an error. Usually when this occurs, you will receive the green one in the mail once they figure it out, but you should also be able to go to the DMV and get it fixed.

Take it to the dmv. have them fix it. They're always trying to rip us off somewhere.

Cool, thanks guys. I just got a bit confused cause you know how all this "green" crap goes nowadays. They take and take but never give back.

So yeah, thanks.

Tell me about it....I've got a 2000 version of that bike and they'ze done a doozy on me this time around.

DMV cashed the check I sent in....but put the credit into someone else's account....then sent me a notice saying I didn't submit payment.

I brought a copy of the cashed check, front and back, to show. They looked at it and said, "Yup, we cashed it. But don't know where it went."

After four trips to the DMV in teh past three weeks, the last I was told was that the "Field Office" is taking care of it. She handed me a Temp Tag until Aug. and said alls good. I asked when should I check back, a week or two?

"Oh no, it's going to be a while, that's why I gave you that peice of paper for the extension."

WHAT?! The DMV should really be privatized....instead of a bunch of lazy unhelpfull state workers who could care less about customer satisfaction.

Depends on the branch and the people there. My '07 tags didn't show up in the mail last year, so I went in to the office here and told them my side of it, and the clerk printed up a temporary registration and handed me the tags....

...with an apology.

Must have been new to public employment.

Sweeeet hhhoooommmee Alabama........Sweeeet hooommme Alabama.....:thumbsup:

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