Funky stuff in radiator hose

I pulled my head today as I had developed a small leak in the gasket on the left of the front side between the head and cylinder. Whe I pulled the radiator hose that goes into the front of the head this is what I saw:


It felt like the radiator hose was disintegrating a little bit. When I drained the coolant it was perfect in appearance with no sign of any contamination so it must have stayed local.

Also, when I pulled the head/cylinder the front left head/cylinder bolt was all oily and the threads for it in the case were full of oil. I stuffed a paper towel in there and soaked up the oil. Underneath the oil was some perfectly green coolant.

Is this something that can be attributed just to the leaking head gasket?

Combustion goo in the coolant, most likely. On the odd chance the hoses were damaged, you should replace them. But they're short enough that you can see what shape they're in.

Oil is pumped up around the left rear head bolt, but not the front. Probably related to the leak.

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