06 YZ450 kick start ratchet?

I have searched but found nothing to help or similar.

After kicking the kickstart returns but has this clicking sound like a ratchet, as if the spring on the direction stop has collapsed.

Will I have to split the cases to get to the mechanism to check whats up?

If you are trying to get to the kick start mechanism, This is what you will have to do and no you dont have to split the cases:

1. remove right engine guard

2. drain the oil

3. drain the coolant

4. remove the exhaust pipe

5. remove the brake pedal

6. remove the clutch cover

7. remove oil filter cover & oil filter

8. remove the coolant pipe

9. remove the water pump housing & pin

10. remove the oil tank breather hose

11. remove the kick starter

12. unbolt the right side case and use a rubber mallet to break the seal (tap the case and do not use a screwdriver to pry it apart) When the case comes off watch for dowel pins & O rings

13. When you replace the cover make sure to get another case gasket

14. When you put it back together just start from the bottom and go up the list. Hope this helps!

Remove the right side engine cover, remove the clutch, and repair as necessary.

Thanks guys, this is a big help, any idea what could have gone wrong & need to buy beforehand, apart from the gasket & new oil?

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