mikuni VM26 on stock TTR125?

Has anyone tried a two bros VM26 on a stock motor/cam/exhaust 125? I am having too many problems with the stock carb and the enrichener cable. I would like to purchase the VM kit and be done with the problem so many seem to have with the stock carb. My question concerns if the 26mm carb is too big for the bike which is ridden mostly by my wife who tends to ride at lower RPM's on tight trails. the motor is stock but I may change/modify the exhaust to suit if needed. I know some tuners are not fans of big carbs at slow speeds and others say the carb is only half the size at half throttle. I have rejetted and removed the screen and opened the top of the airbox. the bike still stumbles and I have cleaned it too many times to count. does not make a difference.


A new enrichener cable is only $30.00. As far as the stumble problem, raise the needle. Put a washer under the clip if you have too. I wouldn't buy a new carb. The stockers run fine once you get them in tune. I have 3 TTRs. I have raised the needle on 7 others. All of these bikes are ridden year round on the ice, in the dirt, and on the pavement. I have a bored out stock carb on my 150 and it runs great.

Take the money you were going to put in the carb and lighten the flywheel and get some springs.

good luck

poor design....you can get them to run ok with work like he said........but a keihin 24.....off of a 150f is the perfect carb for a stock bike......no size issues, dependable...and no more choke issues...just wait till one comes on ebay ..they can be gotten for pretty cheap. less than 50 with cable and throttle....

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