Hawaii Turkey Trot 2002 BRUTAL!

The A Class at the 2002 Turkey Trot was a killer! Last year it was bone dry and the course was fairly easy and lots of hardcore riders told Matt Lyman the promoter that and he's not gonna let anyone talk about his events that way! (Matt is also one of if not the best trail rider in Hawaii right now).

Here's my race rundown while I still can remember and my body is aching baaaaad.

First off a Hawaii Hare & Hound is a point A to point B type of race with check points along the way. The key is to get all your checks which are numbered cards hanging on a wire in certain trails to prove you went thru the sections. Miss a check and your bummed. All that work for nothing so to speak. There were 50 checks out there! It's all about getting your checks.

First Loop: The start was the first check in the air free for all followed by a 100 yard dash to your bike and I'm not kidding about the 100 yard part either. (I setteled into a slow trot!) He sent us thru a bunch of cool fast stuff up to the second check which was a dog pile of cutting, cursing, banging, pushing as is all checks right after the start of a Hare & Hound. The course worked its way around all that cool up and down open trails then came the first vicious rock bed. Big drop off boulder ledges with lots of ways to get wedged. At the end of it which seemed like at least a hundred yards was a gnarly rock climb out. From there on it was a mix of tricky up and downs and some blazing thru open forest followed by a long downhill into one of the big valleys.

At the bottom we were greeted with another sick boulder ride but this one made the first one seem easy! This one was going up river and there were some taxes to be paid in there! Wet slimey case crunching, bike gouging rocks for a loooong way. When you made it out of there it didn't take long before you were in the same river up stream getting it again! BRUTAL! I passed a lot of guys in those rocks. :D After those rocks the body is all warmed up for some of the hills that were long technical and even psychotic and twisting. You squeezed your a** so to speak. This went on and on and on. I got off my bike and pushed carried and dragged it all over the place on that first loop. When I saw the gas check I was relieved. It was a long loop.

Second Loop: The first loop was vicious so I thought maybe the second loop would be more mellow. WRONG! More of the same. I remember making a key pass on one guy in my class at a place called No Help Hill. He was pushing and pushing up the good line and I thought the open line was makeable. It was a bunch of vertical roots about 5' high at the top of the hill. I full throttle ghost rode my bike up it and my bike stayed on top! YEAH! He kept pushing and I picked up my bike and rode off. :D We then went down a place called the Monolift where I picked off another guy who was not looking so fresh. That led us to a few miles of absolute muddy slop with rock ups and downs followed by another long uphill into a place called Six Pack. I payed my taxes on the hill out of there. It was a steep off cambered climb with roots. On my 3rd try I got denied again and I just grabbed my bike and dragged it up cursing all the way while watching a guy on a Honda get denied.

After the Six Pack things got ugly. They sent us down into a place called The Push Trail. Miles of the most horrible, muddy, rocky ledges with really tight trees. I was starting to get tired. :) After that valley we worked our way back and forth thru some open stuff to the second gas check.

Third Loop: I had a feeling Matt wasn't gonna be nice to us at all. People had this worried look for us at the gas check while others had that, "You're gonna die" smirk on they're faces. They were right. It started off in the open but that didn't last long. Straight down into a place they call Final Connection. More rocks for a long way. By now I was feeling it bad. Tired and now cramps setting in. I just focused on getting the checks cause I know everyone else is dying to. After that long rock bashing we went to a place they call 20 Dollar Hill. I think I payed more than 40 on that one! A full throttle up followed by a sick off camber crossing that denied me 4 times. I even went tumbling on one of them. Others payed dearly on 20 Dollar Hill to. After that punishment we headed to the final sick sections of hills, rocks, and off cambers. This last section was so brutal no body will ever forget it. Nothing had a runway for climbing. There were little round pine cones which acted like ball bearings on the off cambers. It was so bad you had to constantly drag your bike up so you could walk it to the next place it would go down. Finally the trail dropped back into the valley and the home stretch. The home stretch was a long winding hill with rock ledges of course! The finish was at the top.

It was awesome. In the end I got all my checks and took 1st in my class. Getting your checks and maintaining a decent speed is the key. Everyone who finished the whole A course is a real tough rider period and they're were a lot who pulled out due to fatigue. The event was a success and nobody will tell Matt it was to easy!!! Aloha

Dammit.... I gotta quit reading stories like this at work! My right guard wore out after the First lap, I got a charlie horse in my left leg after the second......and on the third I got arm pump so bad I had to quit reading for 30 minutes.......

And we call this fun.....

Great read dude....

Bonzai :)


That's funny! I was talking to my friend who won the Masters A Class and there were a ton of other things and crap I didn't mention above like a bunch of guys that ran out of gas before the first gas check. All the guys that quit before the third loop. The trecherous downhills that you bull dogged your bike down. The awesome mazes thru the trees that would be cool on any other day but just made your arms get more fatigued. The look on the faces of the riders you passed along the way. :) It was the "Go ahead and pass, I don't care anymore" look.

Go ahead and put some more deodorant on before you offend your co-workers! :D

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