AIS system removal on 08 wr450

What a pain in the but that was...with the aluminium frame. The GYTR directions say that it should take 1.8 hours. They instruct you to "remove subframe" and "remove carb". There are non detailed instructions to "install clip on 4th grove and install into carb" and then they dont have a picture showing what to do. I wouldnt buy a gytr next time or print our some detailed directions. I would also suggest doing the mod right when you get with the bike. Although it took me a while, I was working on a clean bike and that was nice. Lets see what it does..supposedly I have opened her up now...:thumbsup:

some instruction is better then none. :thumbsup:

my buddy bought an AIS kit, the only part of it that is still on his bike is the YZ throttle screw.

I mixed and matched parts, based off thumper talk research. but I did read his AIS instructions as a sanity check.

I thought it was a lot of work as well based on the way that Yamaha carefully hid the carb in a virtual tunnel of aluminum. Let's face it though, all bikes are getting more and more compact and things are getting tighter. It's definitely not like working on an air cooled 2-stroke from the good ol' days. I did everything at once before I ever rode the bike. That was nice as everything was clean, but unfortunately I think I may need to get back in there and swap to a different pilot jet :thumbsup: .

With some thought you can rejet the carb (pilot, needle, main, fuel screw, o-ring mod) and remove the AIS without tearing the whole bike apart...The guys that write the instructions for yamaha are probably 10th grade highschool dropouts.

But then again doing any of that is illegal and would make us all hardened criminals in the eyes of the greens, CARB, and SVRA park rangers :thumbsup:

1.8 hours? i spent like 3-4 hours to install AIS removal kit on wr450'08 and rejet carb

AIS should take no more than 1/2 hour to install and I'm retarded when it comes to wrenching.

AIS should take no more than 1/2 hour to install and I'm retarded when it comes to wrenching.

Install AIS removal - yes. Rejet - :busted::thumbsup::busted:

If you live in socal... Nicoll racing does it for free...

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