Monty & Mike in Roseville

I've been traveling with work a bit around marysville and notice a track down by the river and another riding area also by the river but in the other end of town. I also went to grassvalley, and a chance to drive around a little to kill some time an noticed some single track back in the mountains. Where are the good areas to ride around here. I think I will have to drive down from portland at some point with the bike.

Monty we didnt get to hook up when you where in oregon but wondered what you thought of the riding in the tillamook forest/browns camp area.

Hey Oat-pie whatssss up

Tillmook was good riding but dry i need to get back there this spring when it's wet.All the good riding where you were is snowed under you will have to come down in they spring and hook up with us, we will show you some bicthen trails.


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