Taff Jetting..........Its kiling me

I have copied Taff's jetting to the letter except for an EMN I have tried c1-7 on that little sucker too.I get sputtering when I wick the throttle, my spark plug is black, it seems to run hot and the damned thimg don't want to idle below 7,000 RPM's, Ok, 7,000 is a bit of an exageration but it still idles way to fast.

on the bright side I can on occasions get snap wheelies in third with my 190 lbs ass. To many people ate talking about the benefits of his timing, What the hell am I mising?



i don't sit here writing down everyone's bike details ss o you'd better be a bit more specific about your bike.

if you just tell us what you've done to it we can sort it.







YZ or WR timing

airbox set up


i see you've got the BK mod at .25 seconds which sounds fine.


[ May 19, 2002: Message edited by: Taffy ]

Well Taff, here is what I have. Stock pipe, baffle out, Air Box Open, Throttle Restricter Cut, Gery wire cuy. Dual sport kit installed. ZY timing

MAJ 160

MJ 150

needle EMN c6

PJ 35

PAJ screw, 3/8 out

Pilot screw 1.5 turns

exhaust stock but uncorked

YZ or WR timing

airbox set up

altitude 1000 ft give or take a little

temp 50's med humidity

help, I don't feel like i am getting all the power that others on here are getting .


How far south in Ohio. Maybe we could meet at a track, I drive all over to ride. Would be glad to look at it and commiserate with you.


I am in Portsmouth, on the Ohio River. I drivr a lot too by profession, Would be willling to meet somewhere closer if Ports is to far. It is not to far to the Ironton part of Wayne National Forrest from here, if you are familiar with it.

hey taffy, i was about to do your jetting sugest for my bike but i just ready a post saying that if i have an open pipe i should go up 10 on the mj. i have a wb pro meg with head pipe. so i shoukd go with the 160 mj, right


We ride in Wayne in the Nelsonville area (Dorr's Run?). I've never been to the Ironton area but soon's a pretty good time to try it. Let me see what my riding buddies are doing next week and weekend. When do you have time to ride?

There's a girl I've heard about down in that area that holds Women's MX classes. Can't think of her name right now. Have you heard anything about her. Considering getting my daughter lessons. She's 13 so she doesn't listen to me.



Hey Matt-

Between Mark and I we should be able to get it sorted for you since we're riding the same area.

I've jetted quite a few WR/YZ's around here, some respond differently depending on other mods.

Over the last 2 1/2 years I've been tweaking on my '00 WR, and this is what I've found that works in S. Ohio. By "works" I mean many things. No plug fouling. Cold and hot starts in almost all weather is just fine (richen a little during the winter if you ice ride).

165 or 168MJ

EKN or EKp #4

#100 MAJ

45 PJ

Fuel screw somewhere around 1.25ish (kouba) :D

Stock all else

You may have to vary a little depending on your mods. Drop me a PM sometime with your daytime phone number and we'll talk about it.

Also, if you guys are game for some June/July Wayne national trips, let's try to organize a ride.

Taffy, to assist, here is some more information about Ohio's weather. First, it's been snotty wet all spring. Most of the country is in a drought, bit nooo...not us.It's also been quite cold this spring. :) Summers usually get in the 75-95 range with 85-95% humidity. During a typical summer riding day it might be 58 degrees in the morning then 85 by noon. We get some wild fluctuations in temps. Elevation is 500-1000 feet, give or take. Anyway, hope that helps.


go to a 158MJ and drop the needle to c4.

the MJ will be right but the needle position you still need to sort, and i hope that c4 is right.

i think you might be a tiny bit lean at idle/pull away after this but one check at a time ok?

if so go for a 38 PJ or turn the PAJ in to 1/4 turn from seated. if you haven't got a 38PJ then try turning the PAS in as the test is free!

i feel sure that you need a 158MJ though.


Thanks folks, I think we will get it sorted out. I work all week 9amtill well, dark. I work full or half days on about 1/2 of the saturdays. I do get Sundays off.

Taff, I fave the PAJ screw, that I can do but I think most of my main jets are larger. I'll find one though. Thanks for the response

On wayne hills I think they refer to it as Hanging Rock? I'll check the map today at work and let you know for sure.Matt

Hey Matt i live in Minford.Have you ever rode at the South Webster end of Wayne?There's alot more trail's at that end.We ride out there most every weekend.Also any other TT'ers in Southern Ohio a June or July ride would be greatwe should all plan a ride.Matt drop me a pm with your phone number maybe we can get together and ride.





Hey Mark,i think the girl your're talking about is Tiffany Reed,she race's the national's in the women's league.She's from Ironton,she beat my buddy at wolf creek in Proctorville a couple of year's ago in the 250b class we still tease him about it.She's the only female in this area i can think of that race's and is FAST!!

Ok, Taffy, got the 158MJ and the DMM. I won't mess with the needle till I get things sorted out. I have not had the chance to put it in yet. I will let you know how it goes.

Next time I make it to England I'll buy you a few.


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