what kind of trailor set up do you guys run????

i just purchased a 7x16 enclosed trailor and i want to put in some cabinets and stuff and im also looking for space consious ways to keep the bikes secure i have a 400 a 125 and an 85 (all yz's of course) to keep down do any of you have any suggestions on what to do and if possible some pics to thanks alot :)

I use four "bike shoes" in my toybox type trailer. I mounted them on a piece of 3/4" plywood with carpet on the bottom so it won't scratch up the floor. Then I just tie down the plywood. Works pretty good. A few guys in my club also mounted their bike shoes to a steel tubular rack they fabricated, then they quick pin the rack to the side walls. Either way, the bike shoes work great for full-size bikes, not so sure about minis. The whole thing just lifts out for living space or trips that don't involve scooters.


30' Week-end Warrior! A garage and a bathroom! What more could you ask for? :)


Check out http://www.artisanmfg.com/ they have some pretty cool recessed (flush mount) wheel chocks that fold down and won't get in the way so you'll have more usable floor space. Their ramps are pretty nice too.

http://www.modulinecabinets.com/ has some pretty nice cabinets and accessories.

I run a 9x7x20 enclosed trailer, That I customized for Traveling the GNCC Circuit. It's wired for 110V and 12V, Has external power adapter and it's own 5000 Watt Generator.







Bonzai :)

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Bill, sweet! :)

Originally posted by PMAUST:

30' Week-end Warrior! A garage and a bathroom! What more could you ask for? :)

How 'bout a 36ft Patio Hauler 5th wheel :D

I'm partial to the ATK Bike Shoe. I have two mounted in the garage of my Patio Hauler & they work great. Sooner or later I'll figure out a mounting scheme so I can swap the bike shoes between the back of my truck and the trailer.


Nice setup Yamakaze....you have to show me how to post pics.........whats with that green bike? is that a 2stroke? :)

Nice set up Bill !!

I especially like the checkered board floor ! Is there a blue disco ball that pops down for pit parties ?? LOL

Damn Kaze keeps making me want to spend more and more money :)

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Now my life is complete.......




I can Die Now.....

Bonzai :)

I KNEW IT !!!! LOL ! see you in the afterlife my friend

Nice positioning of the www.thumpertalk.com URl sign - right at the brake lights - mega bonus - go directly to the final round - do not bother practising - you are in the final 16 automatically... and there is a place reserved for you in Thumper heaven...

Nice trailer, shame about the green alien living inside... :):D


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