WR-F Road Kits

Hi All,

Thru the Australian 'Eat My Dirt' website we have received a number of contacts from the US wanting to know about our Australian Road Registration kits for the WR-F models and the YZ250WR 2 stroke.

If you go to Yamaha (Aust) website at:

www.yamaha-motor.com.au you will see our models (and how we modify them).

For Australia we have to add: the headlight has both hi and lo beam, rear and fr activated stoplight, rear nr plate mounting and light, horn, handlebar switch, blinkers, mirrors, chainguard, etc,etc (no battery- not needed here)

PS: the WR426F is the Nr 1 most registered motorcycle in Australia!

Yamaha sells our 'kits' to New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, and the Pacific Islands, and Yamaha in Europe also make a similar kit for Euro needs.

John Redding

YZR Engineering, Melbourne, Australia.


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