countershaft seal removal

OK... this thing is kicking my ass. How do I get the seal out without f'ing up the shaft or the case. I tried the screw method, but no luck. I think I seated it too far when I installed it.

Thanks in advance!

Start by giving the end of the output shaft (with the sprocket removed) a sharp tap or two straight inward with a plastic mallet or with a block of wood and a hammer. That will break the bond between the sealing collar and the shaft. Then, using a pair of channel lock pliers and a strip of rubber or tape to protect the collar, twist and rock the collar out of place and off the shaft.

Once the collar is out, the seal can be fairly easily hooked out with a screwdriver or other implement.


I'll try it later today. I searched all over the forum, but couldn;t find an earlier post i'd seen with pics. Never thought about taking the colar off first. I couldn;t find anywhere in either the service manual or teh Clymer's manual where they addressed the removal of that seal. Talk about aggrevating!!!

Thanks again!

Also - remember to replace the oring located on the shaft behind the collar.

another way to pull the seal after collar removal - 2 screws opposite each other, grab with 2 pliers and perform on good yank simultaneously it'll pop right out.

use a rubber mallet to gently tap the new seal in.

while verything is out, check for side to side play on the countershaft, if ANY exists, it might be time to do bearings before you get into a grenade situation.

Thanks Matt,

I've replaced the seal before, but never the o-ring. I'll definitely check and replce if necessary. Shaft itself is nice and solid. Thanks for the tip, I din;t realize the collar could be removed first.

OK guys,

replaced the o-ring AND the seal.... STILL leaking.

cleaned the surfaces

lubed the oring and seal

seated the seal flush with cases

tighten the sprocket to specs

Still leaking!!!!

What now?

thanks in advance

If the collar has any significant groove worn into it, replace it.

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