road kit

I put this up before but dont think i explained it to well,got a kit from a friend and it came with his wrf250 02 you know its got speedo, wiring loom, indicaters, horn etc,

I've just bought a 02 wr400 and have tried to fix it to my bike i am stuck on two points there is a black and white wire which i think is the kill switch ,and a green and yellow wire thats loose the brake switch is not funtioning but not really a prob, the kill switch dont work because i cant find place to connect it have done a dry run on loom and nearly got it to work , :smirk:plus the wiring loom is fat were can i get some info on position on bike thanks in advance if can help

Well, you may think that whole task seems to be's not really. First you should consult your factory manual. They have an excellent wiring diagram that will bring you some understanding of what wires are for which. Once you have a handle on the Yamaha wiring, message me and I will set you up with a Baja designs wiring diagram.



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