Kenda K761 Tire review on 01 wr426f

I put these tires on my 01 wr426f as a much cheaper alternative to 17 inch supermoto wheels and tires. I have had so much with this tires, they turn quick, great grip through the twisties and the life has been pretty decent so far. Don't expect to take these tires too deep off road, great on packed stuff obviously, but as soon as you get into anything loose or deep forget about, i will take the trade off for the grip on the asphalt, if you are waiting to buy a super-moto set up I would reccomend these tires to anyone still trying to decide to drop the cash on that set up


did you balance these tires? rim locks?

i don't know about balancing and rim locks, but my mechanic that put them on tried to fit my old heavy duty tubes in there and he was unable to

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