Best gear to go with the wr? (I mean clothing)

I need some new gear for this summer and can't decide what to go with? The bike is used about 80% of the time on the road with the occassional off road trip on the weekend. Im not to fussed on 1 piece leather suits and don't think they suit the bike. In fact im not to fussed on anything leather. I quite like the look of pressure suits but do they realy offer the protection needed? Or maybe an enduro jacket? Also probobly going to get a new helmet. I rode last summer with a plain old bike jacket and caberg flip up front helmet and am just looking for a change really? Any opinions on what you guys think goes well and suits the bike would be appriciated, and also some pictures would be good.

Cheers guys

Ross :thumbsup:

I highly recomend sidi crossfire boots. good protection and good bike feel.

I think full out mx boots might be a little overkill for cruising around on the road (although you cant be too safe i guess!) But yeah, sidi crossfires are probably the best boot you can get.

For a jacket I would recommend some sort of textile road jacket, since most of your riding is on the road. Something like this... although I wouldn't necessarily go with Icon... you can find other jackets that are less expensive:

And you can always leave the jacket and throw on a jersey when you go off road.

If you ride that much on the road make sure you get pants and jackets that are CE rated, it will clearly specify that in the description. Look at some of the stuff for Aerostich and Fieldsheer, I believe they both have over the boot pants that are CE rated and plenty of textile jackets with good venting to go with them.

I think the genuine yamaha stuff is the best match for the wr , just my taste.

Although I've only got yamaha gloves, the rest of my kit is second hand or discount ,

But the question was ; best gear to go with wr ? :thumbsup:

For the look and price.................. I go with the SHIFT Squadren over boot pants and Jersey set. All around street and dirt gear. Hand pockets and Cargo pockets just like a nice pair of Levis jeans. Zip off legs and lots of ventalation that you can open and close depanding on the conditions. And belt loops in case you like the Military Belt look. Great for the cell phone or maybe some extra accessories, GPS, water bottles, maps, etc........

The over boot also keeps your boots clean after a hard ride.

just my $.02

i've got the Thor Deniums and i like them cause they don't look like riding pants when i'm off the bike and they also make into shorts...


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