Seat info WR 07

I have blown my stock seat at the seams. Seems like a good time to upgrade. I have thought about the FX TC-4 seat cover w/new foam and seat bump. I also heard good things about Guts seats. any input is appreciated. Jeff S

If you go GUTS, stay away from the "HARDCORE GRIPPER COVER", the material was changed a year ago and they are now junk:thumbsdn:

I am running the GUTS tall/soft foam with the "COMPETITION COVER" and I have been very happy, the only thing I would change is probably the density of the foam and go with a medium density instead of soft.

Stock wr seat hurts sooo bad :busted::thumbsup::ride::busted:

I have the medium foam Guts and for trail riding I find myself wanting that soft XR400 seat foam with no dimples to hurt my behind. The soft might not last as long but who can put a price on comfort. I did add some foam to my stock seat and cover from a bed roll foam about a 1/2 inch thick. It was hard to strech the cover over the extra foam but it made much nicer saddle.

Thanks for the info, I try and stand most of the time but when i sit down, I'll go w/ comfort. Thanks again, Jeff S

I had both the guts soft and medium, Im 200 lbs and the soft was to soft. Medium firm but comfortable

cool, I'm 190 pounds and 5" 10". I think the Guts medium density seat w/the competion cover. my butt thanks you in advance. ride trees this weekend. Jeff S

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