Wayne National Forest/Ohio

I will be ridding at Wayne this Sunday. Its a 8 hour trip for me but I love the area. Anyone else ridding on Sunday?

When are we going to put the Wayne Thumper-Talk ride togeather?

What part of Wayne are you riding? I think the idea of a Wayne Thumpertalk ride is a good idea. We need to get a date set up for this. I live about 1 hr and 30 minutes from Wayne. I would go this weekend but the group I ride with head down to another riding spot in Southern Ohio to camp all weekend.

a wayne thumper talk ride sounds great let's get some dates together i'm out this weekend though(birthday party for my 3 year old)watch out for rangers they usually are out in force on holiday weekends. have fun!!!


Wayne TT ride. Great idea!

How does June 29 or June 30 sound for a Wayne TT ride?

Hey, Sean did you get your brake line and other work done? How did it go?


Yes I did get my brake line and throttle cables on. I am glad I changed my throttle cables because the old ones were frayed really bad. One more ride left on them, maybe. Man did it take forever to bleed that new line, but I finally got it last night.

June 30 is probably good for me.

The end of June work's for me guy's i live in minford i'm about 15 min's from the south webster end of wayne we rid there every weekend there's alot more trail's than the hanging rock trailhead plus alot of old trail's that's not on the map.There's 3 different trailhead's that run thru that area Telegraph Hill,Wolcott,and Lickrun trailhead.You can even ride to the Hanging Rock trail's from there.Whatever the rest of you guy's agree on is fine with me

I take my daugter to the Monday Creek area of Wayne National Forest, around Neslonville (15 miles west of Athens, OH). They have about 100 miles of trails up there with 6 or 8 parking areas, a couple of helicopter areas for the local air ambulance. There isn't much if any single track, the trails are shared with quads. There is a run of maybe 25 miles each way from the bottom of Dorr's Run to New Straightsville. For people that don't have 50 mile legs, there is a parking lot in the middle to stay closer to gas. There are lots of other trails also.

It might be a good place to try.


I like the Dorr Runn, Nelsonville, New Straitsville area. We should try to meet in there some where if possible.

first off this weekend will be a bad one.

on the holiday weekends the wayne is pretty dangerous all their trails are 2 way and this is usully the busiest weekend of the year. be very cautious on blind corners...

I camp in a campground right inside the wayne (north of nelsonville)on gore-greendale rd.(if you find gore-greendale rd. you can't miss the camp its about 1/2 mile off s.r. 595 north of s. r. 33

I have been there for 11 years.

this is a good base camp to get to all of the trails

Its called camp ohio - their ph.# is 740-753-2303

they do not take reservations

Sean, I never know where I am in Wayne. I just follow my buddy and he always gets me back. Often times he is helping others riders find their way out. The place is huge! Where are you ridding in Southern Ohio? I would like to try it out. I am not available in June but anytime after that I can probably make it. Looking forward to meeting you guys, Fred

that'll work for me guy's i've been wanting to try out the nelsonville end of wayne for awhile now just name the time and place and let's ride





somebody pick a weedend in July Augest or September and lets meet.

How does July 13th sound to all for a WNF trip?

I'm totally game for a TT Wayne National ride!

The northern end (Monday Creek/Dorr Run/Snake Hollow) area seems to be the largest and best trails (more variety).

Hey, Levy- I rec'd a Pm from you about YZ timing. There *was* a link on TT for this, but it's gone. Also Dougie wrote up a really nice detailed step by step procedure how to do it. I was not able to find it in a search, but perhaps Dougie has it somewhere. Sorry, wish I could help. I can do the procedure, but I'm afraid I'll leave something (important) out!

Also, Taffy received his Cams from Falicon


I've ridden Wayne Monday Creek (around Nelsonville) quite a bit with my daughter and friends. I can navigate for a group. We may want to break into two both for size of group and into 'speed' classes. I can also get a buddy and have trucks with gas and tools at the middle and north end of the trails (or each end if we meet at Carbon Hill).

If there is anything I can do to help, let me know.


How about Labor Day weekend? By the way, Memorial weekend was not crowded at all. Had a great time. It is such a great place to ride I would like to try for a holiday weekend. If not anytime in August would be great. Fred

We need to get a final date set quick, so we can plan around that weekend.

End of June works for me too. I split my knee open over the holiday weekend and it needs about 3 weeks to heel. So lets try for the very last Saturday in June, if possible.

Last weekend in June works for me.

If this goes, someone needs to move the invite over to the other TT forums. We sort of need an organizer. Any volunteers?


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i'm thinking about bringing a buddy to nelsonville this sunday to ride,are any of you local guy's gonna be there?

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