Wayne National Forest/Ohio

end of june work's for me

end of june work's for me

So is the final date June 29?

June 29th works good for me. Sean keep me posted on what you guys are all up to.


My daughter and I are thinking about going. Look for a beat up WR250F and a new TTR125L. Or a black Ford stepside with a bashed in tailgate. Girls...


How about 2 rides. One in June and one in September. I have to ride on Sunday since it is a 7 hour drive for me. Fred


Which trailhead will you be at and what time?

I can't make June 29th, but don't let that waste everyone's plans. The 30th is good, though. So is July 6 or 7th. Also September is completely open

Sean, dude! Get well soon!

Thanks Mike. I go tommorow to hopefully get the stitches out. Then I will probably have to take it easy for at least one more week. I can't wait to start bending it again.

We can go the 29th or 30th it doesn't matter to me. Lets decide soon though.

So what is it the 29th or 30th?

How does Sunday the 30th sound to everyone???

I'm happy to be the trail guide of the slow group since I'll be working off a hangover that day (I'm having a pre-July 4th party the evening before :) I wuss out on the BIG hill climbs even on my best day anyway! Been riding down there about 5 years so I know the trails decently well (not perfectly, but enough to get out no problem)

Fred, since you may be making a long haul, you are welcome to stay at my house in North Columbus if you don't have a place to crash before the ride. I'm about 1 hr 20 mins from the trailhead in Wayne, and about 25 minutes from I-70 and I-270 coming into town.

Looking forward the Ohio TT ride :D

I'm up for Sunday. I can navigate there too. mcarp, I'm in Dublin and work with another TT member (CRF450) from Westerville. How are we going to let the other forums in on this. Or are we. You seem to have just made yourself some kind of trip leader.

Park at bottom of Dorr Run (just up from MJs) and run up to New Straitsville? We could divide into groups and go different routes in the Dorr Run and middle loop to keep the size down. My buddy and I could park at New Straitsville and out of Carbon Hill and ride down so we would have gas and tools at each section.

Either of us can navigate or ride cleanup. Just let us know what is needed.

Good luck,


The 30th sounds good to me. The idea of breaking into small groups is great. I know the Dorr run are pretty well now too. Mark I like the idea of making a trip from Dorr Run to New Straitsville. The group I ride with have been wanting to do that but haven't made it yet.

Also I see that you work close to me. I work at Safelite Glass Corp. which is at Sawmill Road and 270.

Mike, I got my stitches out yesterday and hopefully now it will start healing.

Sunday June 30 going once...twice...

I'm happy to be a trail guide/organizer. If we park at Carbon Hill-that will be centrally located enough to ride in one direction, come back grab lunch then go in the other direction. But really I'm game for anything.

Let's finalize a date, then I'll post it on the other forums. I don't discriminate against bikes-if you ride, you'll cool with me :)


I lived in Dublin for a few years, I just moved to Powell last summer. Do you know about the little riding area on Sawmill Road near Summit view (W side of Sawmill, just S of Summit View)?

It's not much, but a good place to test jetting and do a little afterwork riding since it's so close. . I am going over there tonight to test an FHP needle and a few different pilot combo's if you want to stop by to say hello.

Sean I hope your knee heals up fast! I bet all your buds are giving you a bunch of S&^t for that one! If you still need to borrow a front wheel, let me know. I need it as a spare for the SE PA ride mid-month, but other than that...

Looking forward to the Wayne trip!

The 30th work's for me guy's unless something unforeseen come's up i'll be there.Time and which trailhead?I'm looking forward to it and to meeting all of you guy's.

Does the forest have a web site? Can I get directions from Pittsburgh from somebody?

Yeah Mike everybody is calling me Gimp because I have to walk aroung limping.

My rim seems to be alright, but I have to get a new rotor and handlebars. Already ordered them. I also need to change my fork seals and oil.

Lets make it the 30th.

I would also like to get in on the wayne ride on the 30th what time will you all meet?

Originally posted by gunrunner:

Does the forest have a web site? Can I get directions from Pittsburgh from somebody?

Let me know if you are heading out maybe we can meet somewhere on I70 and follow each other out. I'm going to try an grab a couple of my riding buddys to go. Is the 6/30 date set?

How is the riding? I love trying new places.

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