Wayne National Forest/Ohio


That area used to have a big 'illegal' sign. I noticed its down now but haven't tried it. Where do you park?


Mark- Sent ya a PM.

Use expedia.com to find directions from Pittsburgh to Nelsonville (it's about 200 miles). You won't go all the way there, but it will get you to US33 where you'll turn off early. We need to figure out where we are going to park to give further directions.

So is the date set as JUNE 30 ?!?! I presume the earlier teh better (meet at like 9 or so)? Let's confirm this and a place to park ASAP.

Oh, also--The Park does require a pass! It's $5 per day (I think?) or $25 for a season (April 15-Dec15). There's a spot near Nelsonville that sells them (does anyone know exactly where). You have to show your license and sign some papers. Be sure to ask for a map if they have them as they are REALLY good maps :) There are many spots that sell them, so check out motorcycle dealers, bicycle shops and large sports outfitting stores.

The park also requires a helmet, eye protection, spark arrestor. The quads seem to get away with no helmets and beer on the back :D

The Sunoco station at 33 and 273(?) on the west end of town sells them. In Columbus, NW Honda sells them (or did last year). For Ohio bikes, it has to have a state registration. I think the Ohio registration is good for 2 years. If out of state, I don't know what you need.

Good luck,


Mark is correct, sunoco does sell the passes just about 2-3 miles east of the Dorr Run turnoff. Iron Pony sells them to which is in Columbus. Also last year lancaster sport cycles sold them which is just west of the main drag on 33.

Hey mcarp,

Do the ranger's actually check for a spark arrester,down here in southern oh.all the rangers care about is if you have a trail pass.If so guess the fmf will have to replace the stocker on the shelf for a day.

Well, the ride came off. There were just three, mcarp who organized it, evl2evil who is very fast and tireless, and me old, fat, and slow.

Despite the fact we only had three, we had a good day. In the morning we rode from Carbon Hill up to New Straitsville, out to the parking lot and around the loop and back to Carbon Hill. Took two minor offpiste hill climbs.

In the afternoon, mcarp who apparently thinks there is life besides riding and stayed up late, only rode the middle loop and maybe 5 miles into Dorr Run. He headed back feining lack of sleep symptoms and apparently made it. Either that or he's dead on the trail and someone stole his truck.

Evl2Evil and I took a several mile longcut but came out at the Dorr Run lowest parking lot (from the ridge behind it). We went over to the Purdum trail (sp?) Evl has never been to Wayne and I had never been there, rode the entire thing, much of it twice some of it maybe 5 times with Evl patiently following me. Then he took over and we found the way out. We made a mad rush back to Carbon Hill. Passed quad trains, didn't stop, it was shocking how fast we got back.

Bottom line, met mcarp and Evl, had a great time and finally went literally end to end of the Monday Creek area in a single day, including all the way up the Purdum trail.

All of y'all who missed it really missed out.

Good luck,


Hey Mark you shouldn't be so hard on yourself you do a fine job.Remember your're only as old as you feel,sorry if you feel older than you should lol.I had a blast,can't wait to do it again the sooner the better.Mcarp it was nice meeting you and i had fun riding with you,sorry about your hangover i know how that feel's.I hope your're doing better today.I wish more people would've showed up,maybe next time.I'm ready to go again just let me know when guy's.Mark how about this Sunday? Can you make it? Let me know i'll try to bring a couple of guy's with me this time if i can get them off their lazy ass'es.

Mark and Evil-

No doubt, had a great time riding with you guys.

It's been a while since I've had a chance to wander to new straightsville. It's always fun riding with new people.

I had a *little* adventure going back to the truck! Was following Dorr Run when I saw a nice line of single track that looked too tempting to pass up. Plan was to ride it for a mile or so tops, then head back and go home. Arms pumped and head swelling for the life of me I couldn't find my way out! One wrong turn and you're in deep s8&t down there! Well, 2+ hours and 20 miles later :) I'm back on a familiar trail in the right direction! Yep, all the way out near Purdum actually!

At mile 54, I was starting to get more than a little concerned about running out of gas as I had no more than 2 gallons to start off! Finally ran across a parking lot and bummed about 8 oz of fuel. Those guys on quads aren't so bad after all.

12 miles later I finally get the truck at a total of 66 miles. Major headache from heat and lack of water, not to mention the beers from the night before! I'm paying for it today, but that's life.

Lesson learned--stay with the pack and drink about a gallon of water before long summer rides!

Ya'll want to meet again in 3 or 4 weeks?


I'm doing the family thing this weekend. Soon though.


Mark, I understand let me know when you can make it.


I may not be fast, but I have something to brag on my bike about. Started Sunday with full tank. We rode fairly hard, weren't just putting around, for maybe 75 miles or so. Tonight I rode between Flushing and Holloway (near Wheeling on way back from taking daughter to Pittsburgh) in strip mines for maybe another hour. Then, near Honda Hills on 70, two guys were out of gas. I pulled the tank off, had maybe 1/2 gallon still in it and put that in their SUV.

No one can tell me this thing is a gas hog.


Not too shabby, Mark! Do you think you're getting 30-35mpg???


Don't forget about that trick 2 finger front brake lever.Think of the weight your're saving there.

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