Voltage Regulator?

I bought a '98 WR400 that was wrecked. The frame was bent, swing arm cracked in half, and the rear shock was sheered. I bought a '98 YZ400F frame to transplant everything onto. On the left side of the neck, there is a silver box with a blue and black wire coming out of it. Is this the voltage regulator or is it something else? The reason I ask is that on the YZ400F frame, there are no tabs for it. I didn't know if the YZ stator is weaker and doesn't need a regulator. If it's not a voltage regulator, it shouldn't need much air flow, so I was going to zip tie it under the tank. If it does need air flow, then I'll have to zip tie it out in the open.

It is the voltage regulator. On some DS kits (most notably Baja Designs), they swap out the regulator for a regulator/rectifier to make DC and relocate it to the airbox. If you go to their website you can download installation instructions for their kit and see how they install it. As a rectifier would throw out more heat than a regulator alone, you should be fine with that approach.

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