Flywheel nut removal - safest way with no holder?

I was reading a thread on here recently (which I can't find) about removing the flywheel nut on the WR450.

The suggestion was to put the bike in gear, hold down the rear brake and undo the nut.

Is there a chance by doing this I could damage the dogs on the gear?

Not sure how much torque is going thru the gearbox when riding, but could a large amount of torque applied at one point be a bad thing?

I have the puller but not the flywheel holder.

You will be fine doin it that method.

Impact gun will spin it off with out holding onto anything.... I even tightened mine with an impact but I just went REAL easy:prof:

OK thanks fella's

I use an electric impact gun to remove and install, never had a problem.

I use an electric impact gun to remove and install, never had a problem.

Similar to Creeky: I have always used an air impact gun for these types of jobs on all my bikes.

I hold the flywheel/clutch basket/countershaft sprocket (whatever) in my left hand with a thick welding glove on and hit it with the "rattle gun".


Don't forget 5th gear...

1st is way too low a gear and way too hard to hold the brake! 5th is like a vise! Duh!

How do I know this?

If you have an '03 or later, and don't have an impact, hold the flywheel with an open end wrench by the two ground flats on the puller threads. You can even brace the wrench against the foot peg bracket.

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