Stupid front wheel question

I searched but couldn't find anyone wiling to ask as stupid a question as this.

03 450.

It's got a big allen hole on the right side, presumably "The Axel."

And a 22mm nut on the left side.

Pinch bolts are loose on both sides.

Now, this 22mm nut on the left side is like 3mm WIDE. So it doesn't really like a lot of torqueing on it. I have the bike on a stand and with a ratchet on the nut, I can STAND on the ratchet and it doesn't budge an inch. At first I turned the Allen head on the right side but it just kept spinning the Nut on the LEFT side. So I tried the nut on the Left side.

Question. Did I turn the allen head and really REALLY tighten the nut? Should I get a 22mm spanner and hold the nut in place while turning the allen head? Or should I just put the ratchet on it and start banging away on it till it breaks loose?

Or am I just missing something completely.

Sorry for the dumb question, but I'd rather look dumb and do it right than break something and look even more dumb.

Tighten the pinch bolts.

Remove the nut with a 22mm socket. Loosen the pinch bolts, remove axle.

You are trying to turn the nut counter-clockwise...right?

When you put the axle back in that nut gets torqued to 75 ft/lbs.

Ok I'll try it that way. Problem is that the nut isn't turning at ALL.

Might need a breaker bar. As long as I'm not missing something I'll tighten the pinch bolts and put some muscle into it.

And yes I'm turning it counter clock wise :thumbsup:

Thanks for the replies.

You could always break out the air tools :thumbsup: My friend is a hammer head when it comes to working on his bike so when I get my hands on it, I need to use the impact gun to get his bike apart, but it works!

Here's a tip to turn or hold the hex head... You can use a spark plug socket, remove the rubber and you'll see that the hex side of the large spark plug sockets fits perfectly in there. Then you can use a 3" extension going the wrong way into the plug socket and a ratchet... Hope that makes sense.

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