I need a TT store decompression plug for my wr450

I spoke with the girl at TT office she states that the decomp replacement plugs for the 03-04 wr450 ( the metal ones they were selling) have been discontinued she suggested that I post a thread to see if anyone out there has one for sale so here it is. I need one. I tried to put an OEM plug back in with some gasket maker I did not realize my vent hose was pinched and blew it out again. tried to just push it back it hoping it would hold, NOT. Anyways I read a post from a guy who made a little L braket to keep the plug from comming out but I would really like a metal one that is held in by the bolt that just sits there and does nothing I will shut up now if you have one I want it and will pay to get it thanks

including pro moto bilet. Your local motor cross should also sell them. You cant shove the plug back in because the other half of it broke off and is still in there. And yes, buy the metal one. This can ruin your whole ride, it has blown out on both my yfz450 and yzf450. luckily I found it on the ground and it stayed in till i got back to the car. The fear is that the oil it is spittin gout will ignite or it will spit so much out that you seize the motor..

thank you I will check pro moto billet, and the plug I originnally blew who knows where it ended up but the one I speak of now is /was a brand new one and I screwed up by really not knowing what caused it, it was because ny big vent line was pinched after going over a log and got sqiushed so I put the new one in let it sit for 2 weeks and fired it up and blew it because I did not realize line vent line was pinched but I just don't want to worry about it again thanx again

I have never had a problem with the plug blowing out, but I wanted to prevent it happening. I made a simple bracket from a small piece of angle aluminium. I used the existing bolt without the small copper washer. I loctited it in and have never had any leaks or any other problem. The best thing is that it cost me nothing :thumbsup:

Here is a pic for you. http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a160/Pistonfat/decomp_plug_bracket.jpg

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