Smoother Power for my '07 YZ450


I have a 2007 YZ450. No engine mods, with a Dr.D exhaust system. Im looking for anything to make my bike run smoother but i keep getting so many different opinions about parts that may or may not work that i've almost given up. I thought about High compression pistons, but cant afford to run race gas 24/7. I've looked into flywheels, carb mods like the Boyeson Powering, and some other options but for every plus, somebody has somethin bad to say about it that pretty much kills it for me. Does any one have any suggestions for smoother more consistent power?

Define "smoother" as you mean it. Smoother where, when, under what circumstances?

Put the stock exhaust back on and get a one tooth smaller rear sprocket.

GYTR Off-Road Flywheel, Linkage

easy to install and good bang for the buck..

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