Good Luck Dan Lorenz!!

Just wanted to wish Dan Lorenz Good luck this weekend in the Best In the Desert Las Vegas 200!! I have seen Dan ride a few times and this guy is an animal. He rides all of these events as an iron man, an incredible feat for anyone. This guy got done with the Nevada 1000 and was pounding beers poolside with us afterwards instead of sleeping! :) I couldn't figure out how the hell he could even hold on to a can, never mind still be awake! :D! Tear 'em up Dan!!

Marche, I left you a message last night to see if you're going out to Jean for the race. If not let's hook up at the Suncoast for some beers afterwords. I called Jason last night too and he's gonna race a district race on Sunday and won't be racing. Anyhoo, thanks for the nice words. All I have to do is just finish the race to get second overall for the year. But if Rick Daniels KTM gives out (it's done it before) I'll get the championship.

Take care, Dan

I got your message, but have been involved with race meetings, and getting the motor out of my bike. I plan on being at the race on Sutarday, and at the Sun Coaast that night. Let me know if you need any pit support this weekend...I will help out!

L8r. Marche


Good luck to you and Steve on the race this Saturday. A word of advice( do not let March ride your bike). He's a big boy and he hurts things, even himself.


( do not let March ride your bike)

Dale, Marche told me that he's gonna ask you to ride the 525!! :)



Hey Dan, ride safe and have good race.

Hey there Dale, what does a little twirp like you need a KTM 525 for?? You were telling me that your 400 practically firghtened the pants off of ya :)....I just got back from tearing my motor apart on the '00 426...not good! I need a rebuilt crank if you know of anyone who might have one or know where to buy one. Thanks and hope to ride with you this winter possibly.

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