Decided to get new Silencer

The question is what one? Any recommendations? I ride a 02 WR426 and race desert in Hare Scrambles and Hare and Hounds.

fmf q. I have the fmf factory 4.1 with the 96 db insert on my 07 and I blew a 94 at the last enduro that I entered. The Q is probably a better off road pipe straight away, because it comes setup to pass sound in stock form. I have also heard that setting up yz exhaust with a pro-moto billet sparky works pretty well and is cheaper if you can track down a yz can.

Don't limit yourself to the few options listed for that bike. Exhaust opts. for 03-05 should fit as well. I tried a DMC silencer from an 05 on my 01 and it fit with no problem. If you don't want to take a chance then I'd recommend the FMF Q2. I'm thinking about trying a Q4 on mine. Much shorter tahn Q2.

In the past I have used the FMF quiet core, and liked the results.

Rocky Mountain MC is currently marketing a LEXX pipe for four wheelers. I am currently testing a WR450 prototype and love it. It is a good looking pipe with several inexpensive performance options. I currently have a quiet core tip in it. For under 15.00 the pipe can go from a quiet core to several different racing options. The pipes are less expensive than other aftermarkets. I would imagine the price would be similar to the ones RM MC has listed for the four wheelers. I am told they are going to make pipes for the older Wrs as well.

Cool thanks for the responses!


Leo vince... I order one for my 08 WR. UPS is delivering tonight. I got mine for $314 OTD.


Yamaha WR400F-426F

CC: 400

Year: 2002

Type: Slip-On

Part#: 3833

Includes 98/94dB Inserts & S/A

for most bikes you can download drawings and instructions and MP3s and sound measurment data and weight and dyno data. off the euro version of the web site. which is better then FMF not replying to my emails.$

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