TT Anonymous

I am Wicked Crash and I am a Thumper Talkaholic. Whew that felt good to get that off my chest. :)

Great, I'm tellin' you now...........anyone starts a twelve step program to get me off my bike OR my computer and I will be performing an INTERVENTION of MY OWN!!! I DONT HAVE A PROBLEM!! what if I sleep with my handlebars.....doesn't everyone??



I can attest firsthand to wicked crash's "issues". Riding slightly behind him this past weekend at Rampart, he sees a couple of oncoming guys on TTR125's...and attempts to flag them down to preach about the greatness of TT...and the greatness of the WR426. After no response from them, his only course of action was obviously to run into the first guy...stopping him in his tracks (well, atleast after he endo-ed). :)

Funny stuff! Actually, no one was at fault for the crash...just one of those things...and no damage (except for that first scratch on the plastic and ding in the radiator...congrats wicked!).

Good ride guys...thanks again for putting it together wicked.


BATTLE WOUNDS!!!! That TTR125 guy should have known better than to play chicken with a Thumper! :)

I still dont know how that TTR got pointed the other way LOL


That was fun, lets do it again. I'll buy lunch next time. Thanks Larry.


As a recovering everyhingAholic, I attest that you need help. There is a group that can help, there name is X-KTMannodales annonymous. If these guys cant help you with this problem no one can.

These guys are x users of KTM/Cannodale, They had it bad, real bad, so bad they got these bikes, that got them addicted but that was it, they could not do anything more then just sit and spend money. They broke away and started this group,, They should be able to help :)

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