to buy or not to buy

i have a TTR 125L and its getting very small for me.. I have been looking at the WR 250F and i like the size and the design i just wanted to see what all of your opinions are.... is it worth all the money ?? :)

It is a drastic jump from a TTR to the WR! Yes it is worth every penny, but only if it fits you and your riding stlye/capabilities.

If you have been riding the 220, then I imagine you can handle the WR. You don't say anything about your height, so I recomend that you at least sit on one at the dealer to see if you can even mount it. The WR has a tall seat height compared to the TTR-L.

If you fit the bike, you won't be dissapointed.

This past Spring, I purchased a 02 TTR-250. The bike was fun, For about 3 weeks!!. I went back and picked up the WR426. There is no comparison between the TTR's And WR's. It's a very good move. Just do it :)

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