2002 WR426F for sale

This bike was bought 4/9/02(10 rides), and I am asking $4800 firm for it. It's all stock except for airbox mod, baffle out , and throttle stop Mod.

Bike is in Susanville, CA roughly about an hour North of Reno, NV.

Details can be had at www.pirate4x4.com go to the bulletin board , and go to the Motorcycles/ATV page , and its right there.

you can also email me at stubbswelding@yahoo.com



I am a looooooooooong ways from San Diego! You know where Reno Nevada is right!? Well I'm about an hour North from there.

Where is Susanville? How far is Susanville from San Diego?

I'm going to keep this thing-never hated it or anything- just have sooooooooo many serious hobbies that take way to much cash to enjoy that I figured I needed to axe one! Anyways I am going to have a good time tomorrow riding it. I wish I could figure out how the hell to post pictures here becuase you would all hate me if you could see my "secret" riding areas.

From the day I brought this bike home I have NEVER put in in the back of my truck to go , and ride! I live on USFS borderline , and have nothing but trails behind my house for atleast 40-50 miles!!!

Thanks to all on tis board for information concerning the free mods.


See! Its a damn good think I was a 12 hour drive from you or you would be kicking yourself in the A** right now.

have fun and post some pics of your secret trails some day.

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