2006 yz450f: Just replaced clutch, now more engine drag?

Hey, I just want to make sure this is normal.I replaced all plates and springs with OEM plates/springs. The bike shifts fine it just feels like it has much more engine drag when down shifting and on de-acceleration. I assume that this is normal and that I must not be used to it yet. Any info/advice is greatly appreciated!Thanks to all that reply.:thumbsup::busted:

Unless it was slipping really badly before you fixed it, it's your imagination.

It must have been because as soon as I hopped on the bike thats the first thing I felt. Maybe Im losing my mind lol:crazy: Thanks Gray!

When you first install a new clutch you have to remember that the new clutch is a little rougher on the surface compared to a used and likely buffed clutch. This roughness creates more drag between the plates so for the first few miles/rides, it may well feel like there is more drag, once it's used for a bit it will feel the same as always. Also, during this time your clutch plates are still going through a mating process where all the surfaces are getting worked against each other until they grip evenly all around.

The whole thing is very similar to new brakes, the first time you put on the binders you are wowed by the difference, after a few times it starts to feel much more like it used to.


You're right about a little clutch drag being normal with a new plate set at first, but if you re-read the OQ, he's talking about increased engine braking.

Damn I gotta get more sleep...then again, maybe I just gotta get more coffee - back in 2!!!!

Thanks for the advice guys.:thumbsup: The clutch that I just took out was completely "gone" so I think that thats why I can feel a difference. All I know is that it felt like it had more engine drag than normal but Im sure it was me imagining things again:bonk:

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