New To Me 2001 XR650L

Well I finally got my XR yesterday. What a hoot! Any recommendations ans to tires for street use mainly? I am going for several upgrades, exhaust, air filter, jets, fuel tank, rear tail light. Any recommendations as to what brands and where to get them cheaply? Has anyone stiffened up the front forks at all and what are the best options as to do this?

Sorry for all the questions but this is new to me. I also have a XR250R for dirt riding and a 1998 CBR900RR which has been my main street ride. I bought the Xr for use as a city bike so any help would really be appreciated.

Thanks in advance guys/gals.


Houston, Tx

Wow not one response......hmmmmmm.

Am I missing something.....should I post to another area?

Andy, you are in the right place, your post probably got bumped off from the first page before anyone saw it. I can't help with the street tires, but I can recommend the DynoJet kit and the IMS smog block-off kit if the california emissions crap is still on there, (got mine from Bajadesigns). This is the best jetting chart I have found online anywhere I have heard many people say that the K&N filter is better if you are just using it for Street. The front forks are adjustable from the bottom of each fork, but if you still need them rebuilt and don't get an answer from here you might try the SuperMoto crowd.


Hi, my main question would be of course, why did you choose the L version instead of the 650R version and add the street legal kit and power up kit??

I'd look for the Pirelli MT90 Scorpion tires. They make ST and AT versions. The ST is primarily 90% for street riding/10% dirt and the AT is more for street and occasional dirt.

I found an extra set of rims and I'm going to put the ST's on my WR and play at the motard track and use it for street use.

Congrats on an excellent choice. The xr650L is the DreamCycle. The Uber-Bike. It is what all other motorcycles wish they could be. Now this is what to do. Go to Baja Designs. Get the smog pump block off kit. It gets rid of the ugly emissions crap (and the popping on decelleration). Also get their jet kit (the 20 dollar one). Don't just accept the jets they wanna give you though. They're often too rich. Get a 52 slow (pilot) jet, and a 158 main. If they won't go for it, get their kit just for the info on slide and needle shim modification, and get the jets I mentioned from Then, pop off the snorkel at the top of the airbox, put on a K&N airfilter, and you'll think someone put a turbo on your bike. Wheelie city. As for street oriented tires, try IRC gp110's. Excellent handling and wear much better than stock. Also come in the oem size..4.60 by 18.

Now sit down, because this may come as a shock... not eveyone prefers the R. Air cooling, electric start, and a much more comfortable ride are qualities that actually appeal to some people. Also, getting an off road bike licensed in some states, is next to impossible. If you spend much time on pavement, the L is the way to go.

The fact that the R makes 15 more HP and is 50 pounds lighter is something some people like...

No doubt. The R is a great bike. I don't understand why it's owner's have the need to take potshot's at the L. As a true dual purpose, street legal bike, the L is awesome. If 50 percent, or more, of someone's riding is spent on pavement, it is the bike to have. Most owner's love their xr650L's. To each his own. I suppose when guys start dual sporting the crf 450, they'll be making similar remarks about the R.

DRZANDY & smashinz2002 have valid points. Easier to "dumb down" a bikes performance than to enhance it. If the 650R had electric start there would be no arguement. It doesn't and the L does. Advantage L.

Actually, there is an aftermarket electric start kit for the R. It's fourteen hundred bucks. Add the dual sport kit to make it street legal, and you're way over 7 grand total, to get the same convenience as an L model. I'll pass. For those bucks, I'd dual sport a crf 450, or get a KTM.

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