Two new video clips

cool....this is closest I will come to riding for a while since we got 15-25" of snow yesterday here in CT....crap.


Thanks Ron, I checked it out at work with no sound, can't wait to get home and hear the motor sing.

You da man!



86TT225, 99WR, WR timing, throttle stop trimmed, air box lid removed, White Bros head pipe, silencer and air filter. Odometer and headlight removed. Moose hand and mud guards. YZ stock tank and IMS seat. Renthal Jimmy Button "highs" and Renthal Soft half waffle grips. AMA, SETRA.

Sweet setup, and killer videos. I wanted to keep riding with you...

Thanks a bunch Ron. I've saved the videos to my hard drive. They are great, it's awesome to hear the blue beast rev and the wheelie coming out of the sandwash was way cool.

I may make it through winter yet :)


Almost broke my back this morning. I was watching Ron's last two video clips and when he did that wheelie, I fell out of my chair. If he keeps this up, I am going to start working out again. Keep up the good work Ron.


Ron! Those video clips are downright CRUEL!

I'm sitting here in downtown Denver and it's snowing like CRAZY. I have about another 6 to 8 weeks before I'll be riding in the mountains.

Your clips brought a tear to my eyes.

By the way, which side is the throttle on again?



Believe me, if I wanted to be cruel I would have mentioned the beautiful weather we've been having out here (last weekend it was 80 degrees at the beach!) and describe the awesome traction the moist and dustless desert trails provide after a nice rain, but I wouldn't want to do that… :)

This has me thinking about you guys stuck inside. Why not set up a vacation type deal out here next winter, kind of like the Moab trip you guys did last summer? I would be more than happy to take a week or two off work and take anyone interested to all the best trails southern California has to offer. We could go to a different location every day for weeks and still not get to see it all.

Just food for thought.

Nice videos Ron, thanks. I was wondering, just where were they taken? The terrain looks almost exactly like that here around Reno Nevada. I know of a trail that is almost exactly like the one you rode in the hill climb video. Pretty cool. :)



The desert footage was shot about five miles north of Victorville, CA, at Dale Evans Road (out by the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Museum), very near Bell Mountain.

I'm going to try to ride again this weekend (rain is in the forcast) and get more footage. Maybe in the snow???

Thanks for the nice comments.

Any new footage yet?

Well, yes and no. I did go riding last weekend at Red Mountain, CA, and the conditions were fantastic. At about 3,400 feet there was a few inches of snow and I had new tires on the bike so traction was epic. No dust, killer trails with lots of sandy/rocky/snowy hills, and an almost dead battery on the camcorder thanks to a friend in the backseat watching video from the previous weekend's ride during the two hour drive to get to our riding destination. :)

I did manage to get footage of our morning warm-up ride, complete with a almost endo when I came across a major rain rut at the bottom of a ravine. Unfortunately, the almost get-off was the highlight of the captured footage.

I was soooooo bummed when I found out I did not get the good stuff on tape. For the better part of the day I was saying to myself as I was climbing hills and ripping up killer trails, "That's gonna look good…", but I got none of it.

Lesson learned: hide the camcorder on the ride up to the desert. I will post the footage I have tonight and let you know it's there by replying to this thread.

Thanks for the interest!

That is great!! I kept playing your clips all morning. Made a set of handle bars out of a ruler and so other odds and ends laying around my desk. I was riding right along w/ you. Man does that give me spring fever.

Thanks alot


Thanks Ron, I am writing this from a hospital bed. While watching your video, I went over the keyboard.

Just kidding......keep up the good work.

Great videos Ron, looks like you found some more server space? Let me know if you still want to use some of ours.



Utah Motorcycle Adventures


Thanks again for the offer. I am still having space problems and still trying to work out a solution. Maybe I can mail you a CD full of footage and you can post the ones you like?

My buddies and I are still working on a date to come ride Moab. Looks like April… I'll get busy finalizing a date.

Nice, but I cant get the sandwash link...? Did it go away? :)


I've replaced the sandwash .avi file with a new one but did not update the link. Right-click HERE and save the new one to disk. It's not a good one, but it's new. Going riding in the rain tomorrow with Dan and will have way better footage soon! :)

Yo Ron,

I put the two videos you posted on our server here:

and here:

If you would like, you can upload them to your server, I'll move em onto ours, and you can open up yours for newer videos. It's the archaic way, I know, but I'd sure like to see more of your vid's!

Lookin forward to riding with you soon.



Utah Motorcycle Adventures

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