Two new video clips

It's a deal!

Went riding yesterday with DAN Lorenze, had a killer time and got the whole thing on tape.

I've got to get busy reviewing the footage and digitizing the good stuff, and I'm sure I'll have more than a few files to transfer.

Thanks Tim!

Ron, what happened to the sandwash link it appears to be broken?! :)

Okay, got it linked up with the files on Tim's server. This is going to work out very well. Looked at the new footage tonight and it is bitchen! Lots of good stuff, should have some digitized tomorrow... :)

soooo... how much space is available for WR helmetcam videos? Got a spare 130meg?

yeah, I've been hanging out watching the threads. :)


Yo Neil,

Sad to say I don't have 130MG of space for you, but maybe enough to fit a few videos on. I figure somebody oughta be using it.



Utah Motorcycle Adventures

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Ron or anyone, when I attenpt to download the hillclimb to CD it says I must get approval to download. What does this mean? I was able to do to download to my hard drive though.

Thanks Doug


Write it to CD from your hard disk. The internet is too slow to save directly to CD.

Nice to hear from Neil again. Where you been dude?

Added two new clips last night and have much more to digitize, time permitting. I hope Dan's friends don't mind being on the web. :)

Ron, Good job dude!! Next time we need to see you stuff someone in a corner, something crazy ala "jackass".....Dan

well, I've been around. I only check in about twice a day :D Unfortunetly we're in the deep freeze here in Canada so dirtbikin' is not in the cards. I guess I'm not quite die-hard enough to do the ride in the the dark in the snow thing :)

so is this your e-mail address?

Can I reach you during the day at this?

Why? 'cause d/l times are slower over cable modem during mid-day as most folks sign on from home after work hours. ..and I have some stuff for you to d/l I check out. :D



Yep, that's my e-mail. Please go easy on me - my connection is real slow and my e-mail setup is lame. It will accept attachments but has a size limit of about 2MB.

This is all gonna change soon.

Awsome! Cant wait for springtime

Thanks Tim.

I will update the links tonight and fill up my space with some more of the same ride from last Sunday. I've got four hours of this ride, but its hard to find small bits of it that look good on film.

Like Dan mentioned, it would be cool to show me stuffing someone into a corner, but since this was my first time riding with these guys, I wanted to be polite so they would invite me to ride with them again. My regular riding buddies had better watch out next time! :)

Thinking back, I should have gotten close-ups of Dan doing stand-up fifth gear wheelies…

I have to know; I think you are on wr400 Ron, but what is the guy in front of you on the waterfall riding and what does he have for an exhaust? It doesn't sound like your bike at all, but I suppose it could just be sound bouncing off of the walls. Ben


I believe that funny sound bouncing off the walls was coming from a YZ250 two stroker, and your right, I am on a WR400.

No riding for me this weekend. It's time to do some maintenance on the WR, and my front lawn looks like it has it's own eco-system going on. Who knows what kind of critters are living in there. I figure I had better mow it before my neighbors have me evicted, or I could digitize another video clip or two. Yeah, that's it. Where is that camcorder… :)

Hi Ron

The vidio clips are so lekkerrrrr. You brought a smile on to a few guys faces here in South Africa. We also had a killer ride in the Mountains this weekend. Hell I wish I could make a few clips as well so that you guys could see what the most beatiful country in the world looks like. The view from some of the mountain were amazing,one could see for miles. I am playing with a spy camera at the moment but the RCA plugs didnt fit the vidio camera. Cant say what the quality would be like. So hope to send you some footage soon.

Thanx again for the footage, it brought real joy.

Hang on the cable!!!!!!

426 Monster

South Africa.

that waterfall scene was just amazing to look at! what exhaust do you have on your wr? it sounds like a dragster comin out of the water!!

you guys out there have no idea how good you have it. we have to drive at least an hour just to ride in places no bigger that 5 sq miles. then you have to dodge everything from trucks to four wheelers and anything in between.

i can't wait for moab this year. or wherever it will be. just to get out in the open and be able to go 5th gear pinned for a little while. maybe i'll move in with one of you and you can support me and my girlfriend while i ride and she goes to law school! sounds like a plan to me :)


I hope you get your camera dialed in. I would like to see what South Africa is like. Let me know if I can help.


I don't know about the law school part, but I would be happy to take you on some trails out here. We are lucky to be able to ride all year, but I still have to drive at least an hour and a half to ride. Also have to deal with "too many people" syndrome around town. What takes me 1 hour early in the morning can take 2 ½ hours on the way home in the evening. The exhaust setup on my WR is the DSP unit. It sounds and works great.

I've been able to squeak more server storage from my ISP, but not much. They also tell me to wait a month or two before going DSL and they will make it worth my wait. Sounds fishy, but I like these guys and don't want to change providers.

Been having problems uploading larger files and am finding 17MB to be the wall on my lameo 56k connection. Just put a few more files up for those interested. Enjoy!

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