08 Fork Oil, what weight

I can't believe that I am already putting new seals in it. What is the recommended weight for the oil.

Is there a better weight than what is recommended?

I assume it is an 08 WR450???? I prefer 5w. Stock is around 7w.

here is a helpful tutorial.

I'm shaking my head as well. Just over 300km's on my 08 WR and both legs are already leaking. :thumbsup:

Also, is there any company(s) that makes a better seal than a stock Yamaha seal?

wow i have 1600km's on my 08, and no leaks yet.

little soft for my taste.

but i think that is a YZ / WR issue.



That ia mystery.I have had fork seals go a solid year of riding and I have had them leak on break in of a new bike.Strange..

The answer is: Dirt Skins, or Seal Savers.

I had a seal go on my 05 WR 450 after about 400 miles. After installing new seals on both forks AND installing Dirt Skins, no problems 3 years and 2000 miles later. I like the dirt skins with the velcro; they go on and off easily for washing.... which is key to long seal life. Another trick is to pack water-proof grease under the dust seal (between the dust seal and the actual fork oil seal). This traps any debris and keeps it from wrecking the oil seal. You also need to wash your bike regularly..... atleast after every other ride, and after EVERY mud or rain ride; dried mud, sand, silt and dust on the lower fork tubes will get under the dust seal and wreck the oil seal.


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