Front forks in a bind '04 crf250x

My Crf250x has less than 10 hours and my front axle/fork legs are somehow sticking and in a bind. The kid a bought the bike from had the front axle clamps tightened in a way that when I loosenen the four axle bolts it popped out of bind. I had my local Honda dealer replace the fork seals and change the upper and lower oil to lighter 3w oil. He is a nop-notch mechanic and said the internals and bushings look like new. When I put the fork legs back on the bike, same problem, when I apply the front brake and push the forks down, they feel hard as a rock and actually stay down and dont spring back up. It feels like the tightness is like the first 3 inches when I push the forks down and when I push further they feel pretty good. The showas have 24 clicks and I have them set to 4 clicks from totally soft. I am at a loss to why the forks are binding. Can someone help me! Please! Thanks, Pete

Are the triple clamps possibly bent? And you're mechanic is sure the fork tubes are straight, right? If you re-assembled the forks and axle correctly, start looking at other sure you aren't over torquing (sp?) the lower t-clamp pinch bolts!

Pete - you aren't being affected by any of that flooding, are you? Saw that on the news this morning and my thoughts go out to those who are in the middle of that mess.

i always replace bushes if the fork is sticky, even if they look new.Under a magnifying glass they look very worn when to the naked eye they look good.

good point, mog!

Pete, check your forks like this...............

1.) Install both forks and set fork height using calipers or a ruler. It is important that fork height be exactly the same for both sides. Tighten pinch bolts to the proper specs (Top: 18 Ft-Lbs | Lower: 15 Ft-Lbs).

2.) Install the axle and tighten the axle nut to proper spec (75 Ft-Lbs). If the axle turns while tightening, tighten one right side axle pinch bolt to hold axle in place.

3.) Tighten both left side axle pinch bolts to spec (17 Ft-Lbs).

4.) With the left side axle pinch bolts and axle nut tightened, loosen the right side axle pinch bolts. Take a small flathead screwdriver and carefully tap it into the slot between the two right side axle pinch bolts. This will enlarge the axle hole. You will then be able to grab the bottom of the right side fork tube and push it in and pull it out freely. The fork will settle naturally into position on the axle without binding.

5.) Remove the screwdriver and tighten the right side axle pinch bolts to spec (17 Ft-Lbs).

If you're wondering if your forks are currently bound up, put your bike on a stand and start this procedure at Step 4.

Plus if the bike has been ridden long with the R/S axle bound up that R/S guide bush will be worn lopsided and more than the other side.


his triple clamps are probably twisted. not bent but twisted.

doug are you sure that torque for the axle bolt(75lbft) is correct? i ask as they are a very light alloy and thin across the threads.

doug are you sure that torque for the axle bolt(75lbft) is correct? i ask as they are a very light alloy and thin across the threads.

Well, it has been quite awhile since I wrote that up on my website and if I remember right I think I looked it up in a CRF and YZF service manual, but I really can't say for sure off the top of my head at this moment.

Wouldn't be the first time I made a mistake....:thumbsup:

I'll check it out for sure when I get a chance.


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