01 426, hot start when cold

I searched and didnt find a answer to my question. I know this bike has so many starting treads!

I have had the bike for a while now and have not had a single issue with starting. I have always been able to pull the choke when cold and it fired in 1-2 kicks every time. When hot, pull the hotstart and fired the same 1-2 kicks.

I let it sit for about a week and it will not start cold with the coke, but it fires 1st kick if i pull the hotstart. Runs great and when hot no issues with starting.

I didnt know if this could be something with jetting, valves, or something as easy as the air/fuel mixture.

i plan on checking the valves in another 5 hr of ride time, do i need to do it sooner?

Thanks fellas

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