Motorcycle tote

How well do the motorcycle totes work for carring a XR600 on SUVs like the 4-Runners? I would think the wheels may stick out too far.

Does anyone no how much a 1986 XR600 weighs?



I have a Joe Hauler on the back of my Expedition. The wheels stick past the side of the vehicle slightly, but no big deal. The 650 pig weighs 300 lbs. I believe the hauler is rated at 500lbs.

I have a 2002 Jeep Grand cherokee and a xr650r. I haul my bike with a moto jack rack. I hauled to Baja a dozen times and have over 10,000 miles with it. I would recomend it to anyone! I bought an extra ratchet tie down for safety. I also installed air bag assist (air ride) bags that I pump up to load level. I usually have tools and all my gear, another 500lbs so I wanted the extra help.

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