07 wr 450 broken bolt

I was just riding my bike and noticed that there was a loose bolt, the bottom one that holds on the oil filter cover, went to tighten it and it poped right out, broken. What can i do to get the rest of the broken part out, drill it out or is there a better way? it broke near the head so i cant even catch any of the threads with a shorter one.

The botom bolt drains the filter cavity as well, and usually strips instead of breaking. You should be able to take off the right side cover then get on the shank of the bolt with a pair of vice grips. To get the right side cover off, you will have to drai the coolant and remove the brake pedal and kick starter. After that, it's a pretty easy pull.

You may get lucky by using a sharp, narrow chisel tip and tapping it lightly with some left turn persuasion. If not then the advice in the previous thread is good to use. Remember it's aluminum that your working with. WR Dave

If it broke off near the bolt head you may be able to just take the oil filter cover off to get to the bolt body. If not the side cover. I would do that before ever messing around with easy outs or other ways. Maybe a litle more work and time, but much better way to get it out. Too easy to damage things.

you can buy an extracting drill bit from like sears or something, i had to get one once when i busted a foot peg bolt

If you remove the cover , is there any of the old bolt sticking out.You may be able to get a grip on it and twist it out.

Even after removing the cover the bolt is in there about 3/16 of an inch so there is no way to get a grip on it. i might just have to bring it to a machine shop and let them try, at least if they mess up they have to pay and not me.

if there is a 3/16 sticking out after the cover is off you may try to cut a line through the top of the bolt with a hacksaw blade and remove it with a flatop screwdriver...should work if it doesn't take too much torque to remove it

Get a dremel with a good aluminum oxide bit and grind the surface of the broken bolt flat.

Take a punch and punch dead center. Get a good drillbolt like a cobalt and use lubrication and go slow. The bolt is very hard and it took me about 2 hours of drilling but I was able to get an extractor in and turn it out. Make sure your hole is as close to center as possible and do not break the extractor off inside the bolt because you will have a problem. Also breaking a drillbit off inside a bolt means your screwed so go slow. They also sell left handed drillbits which would try to turn the bolt out while drilling.

I just had this problem and the bolt broke off into the recess where the dowel pins fit so this was my only option.

Keep in mind that with the head busted off and no tension, the bolt should be much easier to turn. If any of it is sticking out at all, should be no problem. If it's still "in" just a little, try to etch a notch in it for a screwdriver.

Well i went down to the local machine shop and paid them $25 to get it out for me, which i probably would have had to pay that much for an easy out or some other extractor. they had it out in 20 minutes and gave me a guarantee that if they messed up they would fix the problem.

I work at a fastener house and the most common method of removing a broken bolt is to use an "EZ out" or other similiar extracting tool. Some of them require drilling and then the tool, others have a drill tip and then the extracting "threads" in one piece. Either one is good, just a matter of preference.

If you live in or near Missoula or Billings we have stores in each city, with people who would be willing to help you in your troubles if you brought the bike to them. You can P.M. me for our store #'s.

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